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  1. X_xAnxietyX_x

    X_xAnxietyX_x New Member

    Member Name X_xAnxietyX_x

    Contact Information: Discord (you have it, Keys) and Skype is X_xlegendofreachx_X

    Username X_xAnxietyX_x

    Birthday 07/21/2000

    Location Gilbert, Arizona

    Discord tag X_xAnxietyX_x#2640

    Other Information

    What skills can you bring into the server? I have played on The Velocity Network's Minecraft server for a long time until the ownership was changed and it shut down. During my time as a staff member on that server, I was friendly, helpful, and always willing to contribute to the betterment of other players and the server at a large. I believe my friendliness and helpfulness will welcome people to the server and hopefully enable them to stay, my knowledge of Minecraft will allow me to assist new players, and my dedication will allow me to commit to the success of The Velocity Network for as long as the server remains online.

    Do you have any experience being staff on a server? Yes

    As a staff member how would you go about answering a request like, "A player is harassing me please make them stop" If a player asked of me to handle a situation such as the one described, I would assess the problem, get both sides of the story from both parties involved in the situation, and then ask a higher-up staff member to provide me with the knowledge to handle such a problem, as I would like to make the mature and right decision for the betterment of the server as staff member.

    How long have you been active on the Velocity Network 0-1 Year

    Why should we choose you as a staff member? I believe that my dedication to The Velocity Network in the past and my kindness and willingness to help will assist me further into my journey of becoming the best staff member and aid of The Velocity Network I can be. I am kind, helpful, and willing to help people whenever they request assistance, and my ability to problem-solve and gather information relentlessly makes me a valuable asset to a team setting, specifically a professional team setting such as The Velocity Network possesses.

    What timezone do you live in? Mountain Standard Time

    Please select any languages you speak fluently. English

    How often do you plan on being on the server weekly? Hopefully 4-5 days a week (permitting work scheduling)

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know. Thank you for taking your time to review my application. :)
  2. _Super47

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    +1, you are a returning staff member so I believe you can be trusted.
    (If you are wondering who I am, it's Super_)

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