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    1. Spawn Worldguard. Please note that i can not send the picture of the frame i built above spawn the find the Worldguard boarders. They are not exact but it gives you a good example...Apparently a 2 MB file is to big.
    I will send a picture of the boarders when told to.

    2. Rank prefixes. This problem has been going around for awhile now. I am immortal rank. I have mostly all permission but when i talk in chat i don't have my "Immortal" Prefix.

    3. /Shop. when you attempt to do /shop you get a message saying "Current APIKEY is not authenticated" Which can be a issue with buying/selling resources and making money or making a build.

    4. VIP and MVP kits. The kits are great... You get a stack of diamond blocks out of it. But one issue is with the kit is that you receive A LOT of water bottles with no enchantments. It could just be a glitch with the kit plugin or it could be intended for.

    If you find out anymore glitches feel free to post it in the comments :)


    (PS: Thanks Centipede for despawning the 20+ Enderdragons in the end )

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