Solved Stuck in Vote Create GUI

Discussion in 'Bug/Glitch reports' started by Gaming Squirrel, Oct 8, 2017.

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  1. Gaming Squirrel

    Gaming Squirrel New Member

    Which server are you reporting a bug for: Op Prison

    Summary of the bug : I went to use the vote crate and it worked fine the first time but then i won some emeralds and it broke, it wont let me out of the GUI, whenever i hit escape it just sends me back to it, the only way out is closing down minecraft itself, then when i logged back in it wouldn't let me use the crate at all, even though it is the vote key!

    Error Message: (after i logged back in) "you cannot use the Key here"

    When did you find this bug: October 9th (new zealand time)

    Screenshot proof: (it not letting me use the key anymore)

    Video proof:
  2. Keystirras

    Keystirras Server Owner Staff Member Server Owner

    This has been fixed.
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