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  1. OriginCreator

    OriginCreator New Member

    IGN (In-Game Name): OriginCreator2

    Age (Must be 11+): 13

    Server you are applying for: Any server but mainly Op Prisons because it is the most active that this time.

    Current rank: Prestige 4 (Yankee) and my donor rank is ShadowPrisoner

    As a staff member how would you go about answering a request like, "A player is harassing me please make them stop": If I was informed from a player they were being harassed from another player I would first find out proof that they were being harassed. If it was Via /msg i would use social spy to confirm they were harassing the player. If they were blatantly saying it in chat that would just make it more simple.

    Once that I have confirmed that this player is harassing another player i would proceed to verbally warn them "(Name) Can you please stop saying mean comments to (Name).

    If the player continues on to be rude to the other player i would then /warn them and tell them again not to be rude to said player and tell them if they kept doing what they were saying there would be a punishment.

    If they then were still being rude (Which i would hope they would not) I would then give them a 5-10 minute mute for said reason (Harassing)

    If it still continues the mute will become longer. 1 hour, 3 hours, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, perm. Although if it did have to come into play i would also temp ban them. If they bypass the mute then I would temp ban them from the server and if they bypassed the ban I would extend the ban and if I had to IP Ban them.

    How long have you been active on the Velocity Server:

    Currently I have been playing for a few months. I have taken a bit of a break but i do come on regularly and sometimes help out newer players.

    How long have you been active on our forums:

    I haven't posted much yet on the forums put I do tend to check the forums. Which is said in the next part.

    How often do you visit the forums:

    I check the forums a lot. I mainly look at some interesting posts people put on the forums and some interesting staff applications.

    Why should we choose you as a staff member?: I have been a long time member to the server. I remember when the server was just towny and the only donor rank was 1$. I always help out a player if I have the chance to. I love to play on the server and support it when I can, I have also donated a fair amount of money to the server to keep it good and running. But mainly I am not applying to have the power of staff but to have fun and help out new or even older players when I can. I love to play and help out people on the server. That is my reason why you should choose me as staff.

    What timezone do you live in: Eastern Time Zone (EST)

    When are you usually on our server (In your timezone format): Right now i am currently focusing on school and getting good grades but i can hopefully join any day of the week. Currently when I am righting this I am on Christmas Break so i have a lot of time to be active on servers.

    Do you use Skype, If so, can you join our Staff Group: I do have Skype but i do not use is much anymore. I mainly only use it for family purposes. But my Skype is OriginCreator.

    Do you use Discord, If so, can you join the Discord server: Already in it. The name of my account is ℝ.

    If a player needs to be perm banned but you are incapable of perm banning, what do you do?: If I had access to /jail i would jail them until a staff member comes on. If i had temp ban i would also temp ban them until staff comes on. I would try to DM a staff member on the Discord or Skype and try to keep the player out of danger to other players. Also if they were advertising I would temp mute until staff gets on.

    Can you commit to the staff position for a minimum of 30 days: Yes
    Other information we should know: I have 2 Alts.
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  2. ImAVelociter

    ImAVelociter New Member

    Could use some more information but good application

    good luck
  3. LeMario

    LeMario Member

    I agree with ImAVelociter, this apply need more info.
    Good Luck
  4. OriginCreator

    OriginCreator New Member

    Could you give me a example of what information i missing in my application?
  5. Centipede_Ken

    Centipede_Ken Co-Owner Staff Member Co-Owner

    Looks good to me :D
  6. DrDoctor

    DrDoctor New Member

    I'm staying neutral for now. Reasons for that are listed below:

    • Lack of detail
  7. djfaster1

    djfaster1 Co-Owner Staff Member Co-Owner

    This application has been
    Welcome to the staff team!
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