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    *Builder application*

    What is your IGN (in-game-name): TheRealRanbow

    How old are you: I am almost 16!

    How many years have you played minecraft: I have played on my friends original account. The date I first touched minecraft was 2009. May 29th.

    Do you have any experience as builder: Yup! I was builder on a smaller server that my friend owned.

    On a scale from 1-10 how good are your social skills: 9. I would say 9 because I sometimes get very awkward when some weird subject comes up.

    What is your Skype (You have to have Skype): Samuel [Meme] Frost

    Proof of your builds (Only pictures, no IP's, no proof=deny):
    2017-01-08_17.02.05 (1).png 2017-01-08_17.02.16 (1).jpg
    2017-01-08_17.02.33 (1).jpg
    Had to cut some parts because image was too big
    How many hours a day can you build:
    I would say about 2-3 hours per day.
    What timezone are you in:
    UTC-07:00 is my timezone.
    What is your original language:
    Do you have any skills with WorldEdit:
    Yup! I helped make a faction map with the help of WorldEdit. (On my friends server)
    What is your favorite style of building:
    Basically I like every style. I only struggle with MASIVE builds. I can only do those with at least 1 other player.
    Any extra information we should know: No
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    did you build only the house or the background? (if just house i think you will need a better build)
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