Solved Pearl glitch out of spawn

Discussion in 'Bug/Glitch reports' started by Gaming Squirrel, Oct 13, 2017.

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  1. Gaming Squirrel

    Gaming Squirrel New Member

    Which server are you reporting a bug for: Op Skyblock

    Summary of the bug (Please use fine detail): There is a glitch to get out of spawn, it was found by TheRealRanbow, the glitch is when you get the the border of the spawn, if you throw a pearl on the the flat land out side you can get past the barrier and fly away, this only works if you have /fly

    Error Message: N/A

    When did you find this bug: 14/10/2017

    Screenshot proof: N/A

    Video proof:
  2. djfaster1

    djfaster1 Co-Owner Staff Member Co-Owner

    Was fixed. I disabled the use of enderpearls in spawn so you can no longer leave. Marking as solved and locking
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