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  1. nomistic

    nomistic New Member

    Member Name nomistic

    Contact Information

    Username nomistic

    Birthday 06 25 2002

    Location United states

    Discord tag Nomistic #4351

    Other Information

    What skills can you bring into the server? I am good at helping people and I can ignore hate and not talk back to negative I am good at not separating my friends and family and giving them the same punishment

    Do you have any experience being staff on a server? Yes

    As a staff member how would you go about answering a request like, "A player is harassing me please make them stop" i would ask the player for screenshots and and turn on social spy to see if he will keep going after the verbal warning if he doesn't stop i will warn him and then mute him for 5 mins if he does it again

    How long have you been active on the Velocity Network 4-5 Years

    Why should we choose you as a staff member? I know the comunity i was staff before velocity shut down and on tfoc i was mod on both servers so i know the rules and punishments

    What timezone do you live in? EST

    Please select any languages you speak fluently. English

    How often do you plan on being on the server weekly? 28-30 hours

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know. If im not on, on weekends i am at work and i work friday satarday and sund day and it might take me a bit to get on if i do get online

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