Chuyster85's Co-Owner Application

Discussion in 'Apply for Helper' started by Chuyster85, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Chuyster85

    Chuyster85 New Member

    Member Name Chuyster85

    Contact Information

    Username Chuyster85

    Birthday 2006

    Location California USA

    Discord tag Chuyster85

    Other Information

    What skills can you bring into the server? I really don't know what ever i can do i will try to prefect and if i can't i will keep trying

    Do you have any experience being staff on a server? No

    As a staff member how would you go about answering a request like, "A player is harassing me please make them stop" spectate the player and will see if they are telling the truth if they are i will mute the player that is harassing the other player for 10 mins

    How long have you been active on the Velocity Network 0-1 Year

    Why should we choose you as a staff member? hmm let me think If all players on the server was on a straight line and you had to choose one and chose me I would ask why did you choose me? But I will try to bring justice to hackers and harassment and hopefully get the time to talk to other staff members so I can get to know you guys better and find more thing i can do for the server and if i am not active i am doing something irl that is important or i don't wanna play for a little or i might be grounded I can put in at least 3 hours a day I hope this was helpful as i am righting all this my fingers feel like they are cramping

    What timezone do you live in? Pacific standard time

    Please select any languages you speak fluently. English

    How often do you plan on being on the server weekly? 3 hours a day so if you do the math 21 hours a week maybe more if i finish homework fast enough

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know. uh i played football for 4 years?
    i don't get triggered easy
  2. Keystirras

    Keystirras Server Owner Staff Member Server Owner

    Even though it goes against what i believe in, i'll accept your application as a HELPER (Not Co-Owner) for a 2 week trial, you have 2 weeks to prove to us that you're responsible, able to handle power, friendly, basically prove to us that you can be staff.

    One recommendation that i have, and i'm sure @djfaster1 has to, work on your grammar.

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