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Discussion in 'Apply for Helper' started by FITZBOMBZQQ, Dec 9, 2017.

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    FITZBOMBZQQ New Member

    IGN (In-Game Name): FITZBOMBZQ

    Age (Must be 11+): I am currently 13

    Server you are applying for: OP-Prison

    Current rank: Uniform

    As a staff member how would you go about answering a request like, "A player is harassing me please make them stop": Well in what ways have they been harassing you and how long for and if it has been a short amount of time then something like a warning and if it keeps going then go onto other more serious consequences something like a short mute after two kicks and two warnings.

    How long have you been active on the Velocity Server: I played when Sh4dow was owner so about 2 years now and I hope that I will be able to play for a lot longer as well, because I really do enjoy Velocity and I want too start playing it more like I used too.

    How long have you been active on our forums: about a year but then lost password and got it again and now I am looking forward too watching the server start too grow again.

    How often do you visit the forums: I am currently checking the forums daily and making sure that everything is ok and helping out other people if they need anything or have anything wrong.

    Why should we choose you as a staff member?: Because I am a long time supporter of velocity and it hurts me to see the state that the server is in right now because I used to love it and I still do. And I can also be some help with what times I am on because I am on before most of the other staff because of my time zone. And I have also started too get some of the old players to start playing again e.g. SirSnowLeopard

    What timezone do you live in: AU.

    When are you usually on our server (In your timezone format): I am usually on from 3:30 or 4:00 until about 8:00 or 9:00.

    Do you use Skype, If so, can you join our Staff Group: Yes FITZBOMBZQ MC.

    Do you use Discord, If so, can you join the Discord server: Yes FITZBOMBZQ and I would also be able to join it as well if something is not mentioned in the Skype chat that need attending too quickly.

    If a player needs to be perm banned but you are incapable of perm banning, what do you do?: Well I would see if any other higher staff were on and if not I would put it into either a Skype or Discord chat for someone to see and if no one is available at the time I would make sure that I can gather as much evidence as I can so I can help the player get banned.

    Can you commit to the staff position for a minimum of 30 days: Yes I would like to be in a staff position for as long as I could because I love and miss this server, and I want too help it become what it use too be again because I love the community for this server and I want too become a big part of it.

    Other information we should know: I have sports on Sundays sometimes so if I am not active I will just say in one of the staff chats too make sure that you know if I can be there if anything needs working on, and I also have an alt that could be used for testing if it is ever needed
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  2. DrDoctor

    DrDoctor New Member

    As a staff member how would you go about answering a request like, "A player is harassing me please make them stop": Well in what ways have they been harassing you and how long for?

    You need to give and response on what actions you would take e.g. /warn or /kick

    Its a very short app, I would recommend to add much more detail - respond in full sentences

    Some grammar issues, nothing to really be worried about though

    I can see that you want to help the server and you are a long time supporter. You just need to improve on your app writing skills

    Good Job :)

    FITZBOMBZQQ New Member

    Thank you DrDoctor I will use that advice :)
  4. OriginCreator

    OriginCreator New Member

    I think your application is good. All it needs is a bit more information. Best of luck to you

    FITZBOMBZQQ New Member

    Thank you OriginCreator I will try to extend my app :)
  6. djfaster1

    djfaster1 Co-Owner Staff Member Co-Owner

    So after looking over your application you seem to be lacking detail within your answers. Most of your answers are between 1-2 sentences long. I will not deny it yet, I'll give you time to redo or edit your application to give it more detail. If you are wondering where to add more detail, it is at "why should we choose you as a staff member." We ask the answer to be at least a paragraph long. I recommend when you are answering the question, list why we should choose you. (How you are mature, patient, good with commands ect...). List all of your positives and why you are a better choice!

    Another recommendation I have is for your answer to "a player is harassing me" question. Would you check to make sure the player requesting help is not lying, and how would you? Also what type of warnings would you give the player (IE Verbal or /warn) and how long would you mute the player? There are multiple things you can add to your application to make it look more detail while also showing how deep you are willing to go into the situation! Last recommendation for your answer to your question is you answer to "a player needs a perm ban but you are incapable of doing so." Some times higher ranking staff are busy with other things or are doing something in real life to hop on and ban the player, yes you should contact a higher ranking staff member, but it is safer to gather proof of why the player needs a perm ban, because the higher ranking staff member doesn't know if you just want this player perm banned because you don't like them or if they really need a perm ban if none are online. It is always good to have solid proof before reporting/banning a player, main reason is if they appeal you have it their to show what they did or if they call it a false ban you have the proof to show it was a good ban.

    Just to let you know this is constructive criticism, and don't take this to heart. I am here to help make your apply better to raise your chances of being accepted! You should also make sure to have proper grammar and capitalize all your "I" to make you look mature as we want mature staff members! Finally I recommend you don't just increase the text font size to make your application look a bit bigger, as I actually read the application and not just skim over them! Sorry for this being long but I really want to help you achieve your goal of becoming staff.
    Good luck!

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    FITZBOMBZQQ New Member

    Thanks you DJ I have already applied some of the advice that you have given me now :)
  8. djfaster1

    djfaster1 Co-Owner Staff Member Co-Owner

    Application Denied due to lack of detail and play time on the server, you may reapply in a week
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